Welcome to Art Café

Welcome to Art Café

On the ground floor, you'll find the unique "Art" café, where the atmosphere, painted with the notes of pianist Mikloš Kurina, in the colors of timeless jazz and blues music, along with excellent offerings, provides unforgettable moments and a sense of relaxation.

The "Art" café is distinguished not only by its decor but also by its guests. It's a kind of home for artists, a place where you yourself can feel those 'different' vibrations, so specific to These artists are often guests of Joseph Nadj, the famous visual, theater, and film creator, of artist and film director Bičkei Zoltan, of the Regional Creative Atelier, as well as numerous festivals, Writer and Painter Colonies, the cultural institution "Cnesa," and other cultural events and institutions for which Kanjiža, as a small town, is quite renowned. In the municipality of Kanjiža, approximately 300 events are held annually.

"Art" café, since its very beginnings in 2012, is a space where smoking of tobacco products of any kind is strictly prohibited, as it is throughout the entire hotel premises, making us unique in Serbia for years.

Therefore, the "Art" café space, which is additionally refreshed with an air purifier, is highly frequented by both young people and families with children. We warmly welcome you and look forward to your visit.

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